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I looked into ABM Janitorial Services in Salem, Oregon to clean the company I work for. I would not recommend going with this company for ANYTHING!!

The guy that calls himself a supervisor (Mike Clark) is an arrogant, pompous ***!! This is the best advice I could offer anyone and any business in Oregon.

If you go with this business and the *** they have working for them, you will be really, really sorry. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way and I hope nobody has to go through and deal with the rudeness I did in dealing with him.

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As an ABM employee for several years ('general cleaner), I can attest to the truly awful conditions. While there are some 'pros' to working in my particular job (school, p.m.

shift) there are many more negatives to be mentioned and things are only getting worse: Pay is just above $9 and there are no raises. No benefits for any full-time workers, including vacation. Employees are berated for anything not deemed 'perfect' by other ABM managers who unexpectedly show up and report their findings to the regional manager. Lately, there has been a revolving door of employees because the long-term workers such as myself have been alienated out of their jobs.

Our manager is not able to say anything to his boss (the regional mgr) for fear of losing his own job. Ridiculous. .

. Needless to say, I am looking elsewhere.


Take your maintenance needs to the professionals not ABM. This company uses unorthodox methods to rip off it's own clients and will not hesitate to throw it's own employees in front of the fan once the $h!t starts flying into the office.

The managers and the accounts department get kickbacks to cover breaches in contracts from clients for not reporting or modifying employee duties. (E.I labor not paid to employees to perform duties they are not experienced in or certified to do) HR's main criteria is to hire people that CAN/WILL do whatever it takes and keep quiet about the way things are done at the locations they clean. That's the reason ABM has it's own temp practices. They screen for those in dire need of jobs and use them for the sole purpose of knowing they can blame an employee when the company doesn't meet the needs of clients.

They don't like hiring Union members due to this fact. They also short pay and alter employees times without their knowledge. Up to the point they go weeks without paying because management is holding out on charging the client, because they haven't gotten their kickback so they pass the misery onto the employees. Their reputation is grown by the labor and shattering of individuals lives.

The only one's prospering is upper management.

That's why it's always hiring and never places people in the locations they initially sign up for.

Los Angeles, California, United States #773605

I used to work in the Los Angeles branch of ABM. And I can personally vouch for the unprofessional and devious method this company conducts business.

All the interoffice employees see the labor workers as expandable. While there I got complaints from offsite employees not getting paid. Getting dismissed for minor problems just keep the contract active. When I reported the complaints to the Branch Managers and Supervisor they would shrug it off and not do anything to resolved the matter.

Eventually I got tired of the atmosphere and quit.

They really need to restructure the employees who help the laborers as they are the ones doing the job while. They're pay and issues should be priority not something to pass along so everyone becomes aware of who is complaining.

San Jose, California, United States #675617

It is really terrible that you would give a company a bad review because of a terrible person. Sounds like the complaint should be directed towards the employee, not the company.

I know if the company knew about the terrible service that this employee is providing, they would take steps to correct it.

I firmly believe that these type workers should be terminated if they will not do things the way the company Expects! And I know ABM expects way higher standards than you report.

I work with and deal with horrible, bad attitude, thieves and lazy people everyday,

It is NOT the company , it is the people that we count on, and until it is brought to the company's attention , it can not be addressed properly.

Most people now days are not raised like they use to be. They want something for nothing and , and that's what they give " nothing" but they dang sure want to be paid !

to Anonymous #781089

ABM is run by a bunch of crooks, they pay their employees, the ones doing the hard work, just above minimum wage, they don't get pay overtime even after 40 hours and forget about vacation time or personal absence time, no health insurance either.

If an of the employees gets hurt they have to work like that or else. I hate that company and I don't even work for them but the company I work for use ABM and that is why I know how bad they treat their employees.

to elzorro43 #812038

Elzorro you are right ! ABM does treat their workers bad, And they do rip off their workers, :)

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #626769

I have worked for ABM Janitorial Services for more than a year. I worked my way up into a high position and was doing good with no complaints.

Never had a write up, only ever had minor complaints which were seen to immediately. I became ill and was hospitalized for a week. When I went back to work, I was immediately dismissed with no good reason and never was given one. I had mentioned a couple things that weren't right, one being that they figure their paychecks wrong and screw people out of their proper pay.

I thought I was doing the company a favor, but obviously they didn't want to correct that issue since it was in their favor. If they can't even treat their employees right, I don't believe they are any better with their customers.

to Loyal Employee Houston, Texas, United States #724701

They are not good to black people. i work for them.... :cry very mean Mexicans


I totally agree with the person that wrote this. I dealt with this guy, really really rude. Stuck up snob is more the word.


I totally agree with the person that wrote this. I dealt with this guy, really really rude. Stuck up snob is more the word.

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