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ABM has one employee (Lisa Joles) that takes pride in being very abusive as in verbally and mentally to fellow employees and to company employees at other businesses. She also, harasses people everyday and all day long.

She spreads lies and rumors about people to start-up trouble. She brags to everyone how she mistreats certain people employed with other companies. She has verbally threaten people openly and stated how she would like to see certain people get fired from the business that she is contracted out to. Lisa is seen to be talking to non ABM employees for long periods of time and very rarely is seen doing her job.

She has told her co-workers what company employees to not clean the areas too. Since Lisa started with this company, ABM, several complaints have been made against her. Lisa has been seen sitting at company employees desks searching through everything on the desk & in all the drawers at the desks and things have come up missing. She hides in the storage closets and has been seen in the restrooms texting and making phone calls instead of cleaning the building.

She often shows people all the photos on her phone that she and has also used the companies copy machines to print out things from her phone. She will take items such office supplies and equipment from different sections without asking.

She is always on the copy machines and fax machines tying them up and keeping company employees from doing their job. She tries really hard to start up arguments and fights with company employees.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1263338

Well seems like what we have is a bad X employee that was very angry that Lisa removed him or her from the VA Regional just in time .I've always been told that someone whom is at fault always and will continue to try and find bad in someone else just to make themselves the better person .I work at the VA so does my husband the way I see this is Lisa is doing her job as well as her day ladies and the people she has at nite working .If Lisa is sitting at a vacant desk what is that hurting you .If she is using a pen, pencil notepad are whatever if your not paying for it then shut up and do your own job I have seen Lisa go to supply room and ask for what she is writing on or with..I sit right in the back area so I do see her daily and as far as the copying machine she has to fax information to the main . Again I myself over heard her as a VA employee about using the machine to send a fax and she was told to clear it with ITO and she did so per Larry & James.

Before you run your head you should clear things up instead of trying to hurt someone.

After reading what was said Yes I had to clear somethings up .Lisa I appreciate you and what you do for us at the VA we really aren't the cleanest people. .Thank you and your helpers.


I have witnessed Lisa yelling at her workers putting her finger in there faces cursing them. She belittles the crew.

She refuses to allow her crew to ask her questions, she uses intimidation and threats towards the poor people. All in the hallways, where everyone in the building could hear.

I have seen her flipping off staff and making vulgar motions on her body! She is very Un professional and aggressive.

to Anonymous Fremont, California, United States #1208859

I have witnessed the same thing on a daily basis. She gets worse as each day goes by.

I am surprised that she is still allowed in our building and still allowed to harass all the employees and the visitors throughout the day. I hope that something will be done about her soon.

to Anonymous Waco, Texas, United States #1220417

Lisa Joles is still stealing from the company employees where she is contracted to. Not only does she take whatever she wants out of the employee's desks, she is also taking whatever she wants from the refrigerators in the building. She still threatens people about beating them up and about getting more people fired with her lies that she tells daily.

to Anonymous Waco, Texas, United States #1251198

It is amazing that a known thief is still aloud to have free range of the building. She still threatens employees and visitors on a daily basis.

The building stinks and is not cleaned at all. If we want a clean building, it is up to the employees to clean their own areas and to dump their own trash somewhere else and hope it actually gets taken out. There are more mouse sightings then before, because she doesn't allow us to have a clean building. Lisa makes you gag every time she walks past you from her stench.

I agree that she needs to go and allow someone who actually wants to come to work and earn their paycheck have a job.

Lisa is still seen sitting at vacant desks and at employees desks searching through all the drawers and takes whatever she wants from the desks. It is amazing that somebody like that gets away with coming to work and gets paid to goof off the whole day and every day of the week to abuse everyone that crosses her path.

to Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1263222

It's so hurtful to know that a VA employee would text such trash about someone who has to clean up after all of us men & women alike in this building. ..

If you were paying more attention to your work and not following Lisa around to see what she is and isn't doing you might yourself be able to achieve your goal at being a better person and someone that is taking care of a Veterans problem ..If you are so eager to judge Lisa and try to ruin a good persons name you yoyrself should walk a week or even a day in her footsteps.

..Im very glad to say Lisa , Miss V & Dee are doing a great job ..What we all need to remember this is not your home these ladies have to clean up after alot of grown children I work here I know this to be true ..Lisa I Thank You and your day crew as well as your nite crew .. Keep up the good work .Thank you.

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